Relying On Motivation Won’t Get You Fit, But This Will

I’m sick of the word ‘motivation’. And if I got a penny every time someone said: “I really want to __________________ [insert reason for wanting to exercise], but I just never feel motivated enough to start/stick with it,”, I’d be filthy rich. We throw it around in our thoughts and conversations like loose change, hoping […]

12 Small Things You Can Do Right Now To Have A Good Life

It’s all too easy to fall into the trap of thinking that living well means what society has conditioned us to think, and that’s constantly being able to check off the ‘big’ or lavish things in life: The fancy gourmet meals, expensive car, dream wedding, 5-star holidays and designer wardrobe. Don’t get me wrong—there’s nothing […]

The Truth About Living A Simple Life (And It’s Not What You Think)

I made the decision to start living simply because I wanted fewer complications in my life. Complications that revolved around: constantly agonizing over what to do with an overflowing wardrobe that was filled with impulse buys. an unhealthy relationship with food, which in turn, was destroying my relationship with my body. guilt from having a […]

How To Re-Ignite The Spark In Your Body, Mind And Soul

  It’s 2AM. You’re lying in bed, but your heart’s beating so fast it feels like it could jump out of your chest. Thoughts are racing through your head at a million miles per minute. You’ve been feeling tired and anxious for awhile now, but you’re not really sure why. You know that something’s not […]