Stop Quitting On YOU...
Once And For All

Are you a serial yo-yo dieter? Can't seem to make your workouts stick? If you've answered "Yes" to either of these questions, here's how to change things.


Most people try to get healthier or lose weight like this: Cut out carbs, cut out dairy, cut out meat, cut out
dessert, going vegan sounds good so let's do that, pencil in a killer workout 7 days a week, eat no
more than 1,200 calories per day, and oh...I should probably eat more celery (which I hate, but oh well).
A month later, they've fallen off the 'get-healthy' wagon and reverted back to their old ways. Again.
The reason this keeps happening to so many people? They put way too much change on their plate!
(pun fully intended). A better (and more effective) way to get to your goal? Keep the changes you
want to make as small, simple and manageable as possible.


When it comes to making a lasting positive change in your life, health experts all agree that this one factor can make the difference between success and failure: Your environment. Just like an alcoholic isn't likely to quit drinking if they live with bottles of booze at home, whether or not you stick to a new way of eating, moving and living depends on the environment you live in. So if you're trying to get over an ice-cream addiction, your best chance of success will come guessed it: Keeping the cold, dreamy, creamy stuff out of your fridge while building healthy boundaries around it so you're less likely to binge.


There's a simple reason why 95% of dieters end up falling off the wagon: Diets or eating plans
that advocate restriction and deprivation just don't least not for the long-term. And to
make things worse, they typically backfire by damaging your metabolism. Plus really, who wants
to struggle with not being able to eat the foods they love for the rest of their lives? When it comes
to weight-loss or healthy-eating success, there are no shortcuts. And if something sounds too good
to be true, it probably is (a gimmick to stay away from).


When it comes making a healthy habit stick, and stick hard, there's definitely strength in
numbers...even if your support system is just your one best friend. Why? Because you'll be
accountable to someone else other than you. It's easy to make excuses for skipping that workout
or ordering that extra serving of fries. But to let your buddy down? Nuh uh. So if you've got a
healthy goal to reach for? Reach for it with someone who cares.


Here's the deal: If you associate a particular activity with pain or general unpleasantness, like say
eating broccoli or doing burpees, chances are you'll find every reason under the sun not to do it
(been there, don't that). This is why it's so important to eat and do things that you love. Hate
those burpees? Try Zumba instead. Not going to touch the broccoli, how about some bok choy?
Getting healthy is all about knowing what your options are, and which ones will give you the best (and most pleasurable) possible chance to sticking with them.

Stop Giving Up On You

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