No Dieting Or Starving Required

It's your body, and you get to make the rules. This also means you (and only you) get to decide how you want to look. If you want to lose those extra pounds that you think are holding you down, here are 6 steps to doing it right...and they're not what you think.

1. Set A Heavyweight Goal

Why do you want to lose weight? If you don't have a meaningful answer to this question, you're not likely to stay on the path to your goal. This is why you need what I call a Heavyweight Goal—a goal so compelling and deeply tied to your deepest desires that you'll be driven to keep moving forward and build the resilience you need to get back on your feet when things get rough. Need help setting your own Heavyweight Goal? You can get it here.

2. Break Past Your Weight-Loss Obstacles

What's stopping you from losing those 10, 20, 30 or 100 pounds right now? You may not realize it, but your answers to this question are also likely to be the cause of your weight gain. This is why the next logical (and super effective step) in your weight-loss journey is to pin-point the obstacles that are keeping you stuck on the weight-gain train, so you can get off it...for good.

3. Nurture A Growth Mindset

Besides the high-failure rate of diets, another common factor that trips people up and makes them
want to give up on losing weight is this: Having a fixed mindset. Specifically, an all-or-nothing
outlook that conditions them to see slip-ups, slow progress or setbacks as hard, permanent failures.
No wonder they never get anywhere, or slip further down the road that leads to disappointment.
This doesn't have to be you if you nurture a growth mindset takes failures and setbacks and sees them as feedback for growth and improvement instead.

4. Make Small Changes

The quickest way to a #weightlossfail is to jump on a diet, start an intense workout program, cut
out the foods you love, count the calories of every morsel of food you put into your mouth and
weigh yourself every hour of the day....all at the same time. The smartest way to avoid this mess altogether? Start small. Really small. Like a spoonful at a time small. This not helps minimize the
pain that comes with making changes in your life, it also increases the chances of these positive
changes sticking around for a long time.

5. Make It Stick

Losing weight successfully and keeping it off boils down to having healthy behaviors that stick.
This means means having habits that keep you eating foods that are right for you most of the time
to set your body up for consistent fat loss, habits that get you moving regularly, habits that help you
get more restful sleep, and habits that get you back on your feet when you run into a setback.
Habits are the cornerstone of becoming the leanest, healthiest and happiest version of you.
And the best time to start building these habits? Right now.

6. Love & Respect Your Body

If you don't love your body, you're probably not going to do right by it. This means continuing to use
and abuse it so you can deal with or escape from the challenges that comes with being alive.
The thing is, it's the only one that you've got. So if you don't take good care of it, who will? What
you can start doing for the good of your body (and your future self) is give it the food it needs to
thrive, the water it needs to stay supple and happy, and the rest it needs to take you to a better tomorrow. To get there, you need to start today.

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