About Me

Hi, my name's Michele.

This is my blog about my search for more calm, simplicity and better ways to live a healthier, happier and fulfilled life.

I started this blog as a means to share my weight-loss journey and help others achieve the same results without going on dangerous, restrictive diets, but it has since evolved into so much more than that.

That's because the state of your body and how you take care of it is so much more than what you eat, how much you eat, and whether or not you exercise — you can be lean, muscular and  unhealthy. 

Looking and feeling your best is just as much about the state of your mind, emotions and spirit.

And I know this because I struggled with binge eating for over a decade, and looking back I've realised that the underlying issues that drove me to constantly overeat were partly poor eating habits and mostly my use of food as a life-coping mechanism.

Through my own constant pursuit of calm and simplicity, I've dedicated this site to helping you get better at:

  • Achieving calm in the face of stress and anxiety.
  • Managing your emotions and reactions.
  • Replacing habits and routines that aren't serving you well with healthier ones that will.
  • Eating mindfully so that you're able to master your food instead it letting it control you.
  • Developing the mental clarity you need to live in the present.
  • Simplifying your life.
  • Navigating relationships, work and the chaos of life with integrity, purpose and intention..
  • Getting through painful experiences and coming through the other side stronger.

I'm by no means an expert or live a perfect life, but my goal is to share everything I learn to help you get better at living yours. I typically share my thoughts on this blog, but you'll also get a carefully-curated series of helpful advice via email monthly that I don't post anywhere else.

If you're new to this neck of the woods, welcome. I hope you like it here.

Who's Michele?

I'm a writer, fitness and sports-nutrition coach, and self-care advocate living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. As you might guess, I'm fascinated with food (eating habits and the cooking of, in particular), movement and learning how to take better care of myself as I make my way through this crazy, chaotic world. Over the years, I've made this site my digital nook where I share my thoughts, experiences and lessons about these things.  Oh, and did I mention that I also love cats, pancakes and Taylor Swift? Well, now you know.

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