Have you ever wondered...

"I've got to juggle work, family and life. How can I find the time and energy to take care of me?"

"Why don't diets ever seem to work for me?"

"Why are some people able to be so consistent with their healthy habits...but not me?"

"What should I be eating to lose weight?"

"What should I be eating to feel and look my best?"

"I can't zip up my jeans. What do I do? Help!"

"Why can't I say 'No' to temptations and cravings?"

"Why can't I stop overeating?"

"I was dumped because I was fat. How do I get my confidence back?"

"All this extra weight is making me look and feel old. How can stop feeling this way?"

If you've answered "Yes", you're in the right place!


These are questions that I get the most from people. And you know what? I can relate to every
single one of them because I've been in their shoes.

I wasn't always lean, healthy and comfortable in my own skin. In fact, my situation was so far from that.

This used to be me (on the left):

How did I get there? Binge and emotional eating that stemmed from anxiety, depression, food addiction
and well, life getting in the way. When I was sad, I ate. Bored? Food entertained me. When stress got the better of me, I'd head straight for the fridge. Happy? I celebrated with more food.

Sound familiar?

But I also broke free from this vicious cycle that was ruining my health and self-esteem.

And you can too.

I have to warn you though: If you're looking for a magic weight-loss bullet or 2-week diet plan to undo years
and years of bad habits, you're not going to find it here. This isn't the best site for you, and you should
probably leave so you won't be disappointed.

My approach isn't about the latest health and diet trends or hacks, or Top 20 Foods For Quick & Easy Weight Loss.
It's not even about dieting. It's about developing a healthy relationship with yourself and the food in your life (because I love to eat!) and building a solid foundation of healthy habits that will last you a lifetime.

This is the perfect place for you if...

  • You're sick of yo-yo dieting and are ready to give it up for good.
  • You're ready to take control of your stress and anxiety because it's destroying your health & wellbeing.
  • You want to eat healthily and lose weight but hate the idea of going on a restrictive diet (I'm with you there! Who does?).
  • You've been on every health kick or diet around the block and failed to see results (or you have, but not for long).
  • You LOVE eating and don't want to give up your favorite foods.
  • You want to gain the ability to get and stay healthy instead of falling off the wagon over and over again.

I don't have all the answers, but my goal is to share everything I've learned (and am still learning) from my experience, wins and failures, as well as those of my clients. No fluff. No BS. No gimmicky tactics. Just down-to-earth, scientifically-proven strategies that really work.

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