Rewire your brain for weight loss that lasts without going 
on another diet ever again.


What if I told you that you could...

Stop being controlled by your food cravings?

Try on a pair of jeans you haven't been able to wear in years, and
have it slip past your hips...with room to spare?

Order a meal you love at your favorite restaurant and feel
calm and anticipation instead of guilt and anxiety?

Feel present for your friends and family instead of spending all day,
every day obsessing over food and your weight?

Feel confident, at peace and at home in your own skin?

Nourish your body and feel satisfied with your meals without having
to count calories, weigh your food or keep track of points?

Be able to find joy and relief in eating healthily consistently instead of
frustration and disappointment because you keep falling off track
over and over again?

Lose that unwanted weight and finally, keep it off without going
on another metabolism-damaging diet, ever again?

Look younger, healthier and rejuvenated?

If you've answered "YES!" to any of these questions,
you, my friend, are in the right place.

I'm here to tell you that you can, with...

The Food Habit Eating Program is a guided, weight-loss toolkit that
equips you with the essential skills you need to put a stop to constant 
overeating, get lean and stay that way...for the rest of your life.

That's right. Just like riding a bike or learning how to swim, developing
a healthy relationship with food and losing weight is a skill that
can be learned by anyone, including you.

In this program, I show you how to take control of the cravings and
overeating that have been holding you back from: Dropping those
extra pounds, loving being in your own skin, feeling normal around
food, and living life the way you want to.

The other crucial component of this program that I help you
conquer? Consistency, to make sure you keep experiencing
weight-loss wins that last.

No dangerous, frustrating and ineffective crash dieting required.

Just over 6 years ago, I never would have imagined myself reaching the life-changing milestones I described above.

My tiny, 5-foot body was over 20 pounds heavier than it should have been.

I hated what I saw in the mirror, and was disappointed in myself

I was using and abusing food daily to deal with stress, depression
and my rock-bottom self-esteem.

All I wore were grey sweatpants and loose tees to hide my bulging tummy.

I wanted a way out of this misery, but just couldn't see myself
ever looking or feeling any differently.

I had given up on me.

Until a close friend stepped in, took my hand and helped me face my fears.

She believed in me in a way that I didn't, and thanks to her,
my life started to change that very day.

I was sick of struggling with my weight, emotional eating and sinking self-esteem,
so I promised myself that I would wipe the slate clean and finally, turn my health,
body and life around .

I've been keeping that promise ever since. And now,
I want to help you do the same.

What's included in your investment?


Here, we'll dig deep to go beyond the weight you want to lose, tap into your big 'why' and the life you want to live. The result? Fail-proof goals that you won't want to give up on, that will keep driving you forward.


This unit's all about understanding your hunger pangs and the cravings that lead you to feel out of control around food, how they form, and what you can do to get them in check once and for all with my Food Habit Solution.


Here, we dive into what should be going onto your plate, and the exact portions you'll need to achieve weight loss and balanced nutrition using foods that you love, not loathe (read: No more tedious, insanity-busting tactics like counting calories, keeping track of points or weighing your food).


Next, I ease you into a methodical, easy-to-follow meal preparation and cooking routine that supports your weight loss. Love cooking your own food? I show you how to save time (and your sanity) with a meal-prep process that allows you to grab and go, so you're prepared to eat healthily at least 80% of the time. Not a big fan of cooking? I've got you covered with a super-smart strategy that shows you how to eat healthily without going off track.


This week, I get you in touch with what healthy eating looks and feels like, how to really listen to your body, and how to give it what it needs. No more having to resort to exhausting tactics like counting calories or points to keep yourself from overeating.


We all know that the numbers that show up on the scale aren't accurate and can even drive us insane, which is why I've designed this unit to help you track your progress without having to step on one. Ever. Again. Instead, what you'll be tracking are progress markers that you'll feel good, not stressed, about.


People, parties and social events are an important part of our lives. Here, I show you how to: Deal with anxiety and stop overeating in its tracks while you navigate social situations that are centered around food, strengthen your current relationships by asking for and giving support, and forge new ones that will support your goals during your weight-loss journey.


Fact: Not everyone in your life is going to be happy that you're losing weight and making changes to your life. But it's not just external influences that can sabotage your progress. One of the quickest ways to derail your progress is to listen to the negative thoughts coming from the space between your own two ears. So how do you not only deal with, but thrive in situations like this? I show you how in this unit.


BONUS 1: Build Consistent Habits With Food Journaling mini course. This mini course will show you how to transform your eating habits from "How on earth did I empty the cookie jar in 5 minutes flat?" to "I'm in control. I"ve got this!" in just a few minutes a day, the right way.

BONUS 2: Your Self-Sabotage Reversal Guide. Ever find yourself going: "Oh God. What if I never lose this weight?" In this bonus unit, I teach you how to turn the self-sabotaging, negative chatter in your head into empowering, nurturing thoughts that drive you to take action and renew your commitment towards your goals.

BONUS 3: Your Food Habit Roadmap. This bonus lesson helps you gain crystal-clear clarity on your path, no matter where you are in your weight-loss journey, by helping you pin-point the steps that will give you the biggest results possible.

BONUS 4: Your Food Habit Resources. This is a complete directory to all the worksheets, guides and workbooks you need to empower yourself throughout the program. Here, you'll also find my recommended apps, progress trackers, pantry ingredients, recipe resources, kitchen equipment, sleep & stress-management tools to help you get and stay lean, nourished, healthy and centered.

BONUS 5: One-on-one email support from me throughout your 8-week program. Got questions about your program, feeling stuck, or just need a virtual kick in the butt? Just shoot me an email and I'll help you out during office hours Monday to Friday. Complimentary, virtual bear hug included :-)


Start off your Food Habit journey with this journal, which I created to help you gain clarity with where you are now,
where you want to be and what you need to do to get your weight-loss goals.

"I've lost almost 10 pounds without doing brutal,
exhausting workouts.

I've lost almost 10 pounds and am just over 2 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight! All this without doing hardcore, brutal, exhausting workouts! I have energy to play and engage with my son, my hair feels fuller, my skin looks clearer, and I feel more rested in the mornings. I am so much calmer and confident around food now, I don't have to worry so much about losing control and then having to 'wake up' to reality after inhaling half a pizza.

I used to have out-of-control eating habits that were completely insane and harmful to my health and well-being. After going through the program, I've completely changed and transformed my lifestyle in terms of nutrition, eating habits and food perception. AND, I can fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes!

Now, most of the time I eat whole, nutritious foods in the right portions, and If I'm not eating whole foods, I'm able to control my portions. Binge eating, which used to be fairly common with me, is now an uncommon thing."​

Elena Mohammed

I've got your back...and waistline.


Your coach

Hey there! I'm Michele Lian and the founder of michelelian.com, where I teach emotional eaters how to develop a healthy relationship with food, and lose weight with more ease and less overwhelm. I've spent over 5 years coaching hundreds of people at bootcamps to weight-loss success and now, I'm here to teach you how to get the results you're after.

With love,

Is the Food Habit Eating Program right for you?


  • You're ready to stop struggling with constantly overeating and feeling like a slave to your food cravings.
  • You're sick working hard to lose weight and then gaining it all back...over and over again.
  • You're ready to make changes to your mindset and lifestyle to get to your goals.
  • Losing weight isn't your only goal. You also want to live better, be happier, feel more confident and at-ease in your own skin.


  • You're looking for a crash diet or restriction-based diet plan.
  • You want someone else to do the work for you and are not willing to make any changes to how you live and eat.
  • You're looking for a detailed eating plan with recipes for your breakfasts, lunches and dinners.
  • You're looking for the latest, trendiest diet and fitness tactics for quick weight loss in a very short amount of time, not a long-term lifestyle change.


There's no risk! The Food Habit Eating Program comes with a 60-day, money-back guarantee, which means you're covered for the entire duration of the program. Just email me at any time during the 60 days and show me that you’re putting the lessons, exercises and worksheets into practice and how it's not working for you. I’ll refund 100% of your payment.

"I eat very differently than I used to."

The biggest impact that this program has had on me was really defining my goal. It gave me something to shoot for beyond weight loss. This journey wasn't about losing weight, although that was a plus; it was about finding my self-esteem again.

I eat very differently than I used to: I now keep a food journal, plan my meals ahead of time and really listen to what my stomach says, not what my head tells me.​

I've lost 6 pounds over the 8 weeks and managed to NOT gain weight over the holiday season, which is HUGE for me! I feel more comfortable around food than I used to and I'm also not as uptight eating in front of others."​

Melissa Hurley

You have 3 choices:

1. You could quit altogether.

2. You could continue to go at it alone, hoping to get better results.


3. You can let me help you get better results, using proven strategies.

Think about where you want to be a year from now: Finally, at your
goal weight or just steps away from it, and eating the foods you love in a
way that doesn't crush your self-esteem, or...still stuck in a vicious cycle
of overeating and out-of-control weight gain?

You can take my hand and follow the proven, step-by-step system that
I've set up for you so that you don't have to make all the frustrating
mistakes that I've made and get the results that my students and I
have gotten, or you can continue to go at it alone, hoping that the
latest diet tactic you're trying, will work.

Which will you choose?

Your burning questions, answered:

I've tried so many other diet plans and failed. How will I know if this program will work for me?

Can I go at my own pace? What if I fall behind?

When does the program start and how long does it go for?

What's your refund policy?

Can't I just get all this information for free on Google?

Will I have access to the program after the 8 weeks is over?

How does the program work?

I'm afraid that I won't have the willpower or determination it takes to make this program work. Could this possibly be true?

How much support will I get?

Will I lose only 10 pounds with this program?



BONUS 1: Build Consistent Habits With Food Journaling mini course (worth $47)

BONUS 2: Your Self-Sabotage Reversal Guide (worth $37)

BONUS 3: Your Food Habit Roadmap (worth $27)

BONUS 4: Your Food Habit Resources (worth $27)

BONUS 5: One-on-one email support throughout your 8-week program (worth $497)

BONUS 6: The Weight-Loss Clarity Journal (worth $37)


But I want to make this program as affordable as possible for you, which is why I'm shaving over $900 off your investment.


This is YOUR time to reach for the confidence and peace of mind you've always wanted.

If you're ready to take control of your cravings instead of letting them control you, AND start dropping those unwanted pounds for good, The Food Habit Eating Program is your proven, confusion-free guide to getting there.


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