7 Tiny Habits That Will Take Overwhelm Out Of Your Day

Ever feel like you’re drowning in chores, deadlines, meetings, social and family obligations, expectations, complications and the curve balls life throws at you? I have, and I’d be lying if I didn’t acknowledge that there were plenty of times where I’d let the overwhelm get to me, and when it did, it wasn’t pretty. Often, […]

How To Take Stress Out Of Your Diet (And Life)

A funny thing happened when my refrigerator broke down recently. While cleaning out my huge, seven-year-old monster of a fridge, I came to an embarrassing realization: That I was a massive food hoarder. I was forced to confront all the stuff I’d been buying and relegating to its deep, cold depths, only to never be […]

The 5 Fastest Ways To Kill Your Weight-Loss Progress

    I tend to compare losing weight to a building taking shape on a construction site—brick by brick, bucket by bucket, inch-by-inch, day by day, you put the pieces together. The finished project—your dream home or spectacular skyscraper—can seem like a million miles away, but you’ve got all the materials you need and a […]