How To Stop Eating Your Way Through A Painful Break-Up

When you’re an emotional eater, nothing can get you going down a binge-eating slippery slope more quickly than a painful break-up, and nobody knows this one better than I do, because well, I’ve been there. The scariest thing about finding yourself in this negative mind-body space? Not knowing how to get out of it. This […]

How To Start Loving Yourself When You Don’t

“How did you start loving yourself?” I was recently asked this question by someone who’s been struggling to feel happy in her body for long time, and the first thought that came to mind after reading her email was this: “I know exactly how you feel, because I used to be you.” I know because […]

How To Lose Weight Without Losing Your Mind

Most people think shrinking their waistline requires them to follow some complicated diet with secret ingredients that only people with six-pack abs know about, or stumble on a miracle pill that will help them melt the extra pounds away overnight. Or, they oversimplify things and think that eating nothing but canned tuna, going on the […]